Street Foods in Bangkok

For most Bangkokians, roadside dining is a way of life. For years, street foods have become a haven for those looking for good taste and quality food. Dotted on almost every street in Bangkok, food stalls are open all day, and in some places, even all night. This round-the-clock street-side delight offers an amazingly wide array of food, ranging from rice with curries to noodles and from som tam and grilled chicken to fresh seafood. Although they maybe less known, but make no mistakes, they are no less delicious than those foods provided in "proper- restaurants. The difference is the experience you will get when dining on the roadsides, where a whole new culinary adventure awaits. Following are a few recommended areas known for sumptuous street foods:

Between Yaowarat and Charoen Krung Road. there are hundreds of food stalls providing different kinds of food and snacks. This include all kinds of Chinese food, dumplings, seafood, noodle soup, bird's nest soup, Chinese herbal drinks, and the most importantly,' joke" or congee.

Khao San Road
A place famed not only for a night-time entertainment. but also for good street food. Noodle soup, rice with chicken (Khao Man Kai), Phat Thai, Thai Omelet with rice (Khao Kai Jeaw), fried rice (Khao Phat) and other kinds of Thai snacks are main specialties. It is recommended to eat here before 8.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Silom Road, Soi Convent to Bangkok Bank (Silom Soi 20 onwards)
As Bangkok's main business street, this part of Silom Road has a lot to offer to office workers from lunch to dinner. Recommended dishes include egg noodles with barbecued pork and wanton (Bamee Keaw Moo Daeng), rice with barbecued pork (Khao Moo Daeng). rice with chicken (Khao Man Kai), beef noodles, grilled seafood, Thai-style Sukiyaki, Som Tam and grilled meat.

Thonglor and Ekkamai
Another good dining option, although the price is relatively more expensive. Vendors are here all day and. in some areas, almost all night. Try Khao Tom, noodle soup, pork satay, grilled pork and Phat Thai.